My work attempts to capture a particular atmosphere, a mood, a state of consciousness. I’d say it falls within the realm of realism although one could add words like “magic” or “hyper” when describing some pieces. Nature, animals, occasionally a beautiful female form—those are my favorite subjects, interspersed with geometric forms or typography that, you might say, reflect the intellect entering the sphere of intuition and emotions. I like to tell a hidden story without being too “talkative” so I tend to use minimal means of expression. My preferred technique is drawing on paper combined with digital editing or collage but I also draw on other materials like wood.

After studying fashion and graphic design and working for a while as employed graphic designer and art director I decided to put my focus on Illustration. Drawing since I was a child, I seek to combine that kid’s sense of wonder and the indomitable impulse to create with the knowledge and skills I have acquired as an adult.

Share your ideas and dreams with me and I will give them a visual form—the one to present them to the world in an original and enchanting way. Get in contact for artworks, fashion illustrations, logos, print designs, packaging designs,…